How Does Little Sunflower Work?

By combining all the tools in Little Sunflower we give children ages 7 – 10 a unique, innovative, fundamentally sound, uplifting and fun means of dealing with and regulating their own emotional wellbeing.

In the Little Sunflower pack:

Five picture books


Soft toys



Teacher Training

And a monitoring Sunflower.

Tapping. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. A combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, Tapping has been trialled in the USA and approved by Harvard Medical School.

By using the Little Sunflower pack and techniques you are teaching your child key life skills to help monitor and regulate their emotions. A technique which works and is taught, monitored and maintained with the use of the extra large Sunflower, which changes size depending on how far you are through the Little Sunflower series, the books, the toys, the App and the animation.

Not only will your child and the children in the classroom love the weekly effects but you too will gain and benefit from Little Sunflowers uplifting tools and techniques.

Schools or Home

Is this appropriate for schools and at home?

Yes it is because it relies on picture books, the comfort of a soft toy of your choice and the calming use of a child’s fingertips.

The App will see Little Sunflower available online and for use at home as well as at school, allowing parents to take part in the Little Sunflower techniques along with their child.

The five books and seven toys will be made available to the general public for children to continue the good work at home.

Testimonials on how good the system is

Fundamentally Sound, uplifting and fun …. Dr Richard Wilson, Child Psychiatrist and Practitioner in Mental Health.

Overall an amazing programme I would definitely recommend to other teachers and schools. There was positive feedback from the children and they loved the Tapping sessions. Miss E Patterson

Overall an excellent programme which allowed the children to express themselves in a safe and confident manner. Mrs Murphy

This programme has a lot of potential for targeting the growing number of children presenting and in danger of presenting with mental health issues. Mrs J Loughran

Superb approach to support children emotionally. Super effective. A great way to build self esteem. Thank you for all the wonderful strategies. Miss B Hughes

Little Sunflower was a fantastic experience for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories and it was clear they could relate to the characters. The visual stimuli of the toys enhanced the experience. I used all the techniques and the children were keen to remind me to practice the poem! Miss G Somerville.

Very positive programme. The children enjoyed every moment and were able to adapt the Tapping Technique to different tasks we were doing in the classroom. Mrs A Quinn 

How will this help me? What is the appeal for parents?

The Little Sunflower kit uses characters to Introduce the concept of Tapping or EFT an holistic and simple method for emotional regulation. It includes a teacher instructional pack of how to use Little Sunflower and how to Tap .

It introduces challenging scenarios using our cast of characters, and shows how tapping can help a child to deal with anxious situations.

Using animation, picture books, soft toys, an App and a quirky poem, in a simple and fun way it helps children to manage their own emotional state.

What are the features etc (4-6)

Proven to reduce anxiety

Proven to help nurture children ……..

Medically proven

Trialed in Primary schools

Can be used at school or at home

Loved by all children

Little Sunflower is easy to use, fun and most importantly it assists children to find a calm and happy state in a simple, yet effective way. 

Background: Information about children with mental health issues

Recent statistics show that in the 1960’s the average age for depression was 45 years, now in 2018 the onset age is 14 years.

Mental Health issues now average at 11 years of age and 75% of them start before 18 years of age.

All governments are actively ploughing money into seeking new methods and early intervention methods to help tackle the crisis.

Little Sunflower is solution at hand …..